UZi ::::: n3rd > m3t4l

This one-man project is an experiment in what other fields of endeavour would most likely call 'rapid prototyping'.

And much like the projectiles of its israelian namesake, the songs of the project were produced fast but with a high dispersion pattern (i.e. low hit frequency :D), making it an ideal vehicle for creativity without the drawbacks and confines of having to assuage one's artistic desire for perfectionism.

In this sense UZi is just another construct / virtual band with no deeper meaning than to reflect one side of its creators character in a more colloquial manner than other musicians might choose in their artistic expressions. Nerdiness with a capital N infused with small doses of metal and somewhat larger doses of pawky humour. Or to quote the title of the first UZi ep: n3rd >m3t4l

Not all songs even qualify as metal, but they all carry the love of its creator for gaming culture in its sound-waves. So, only a small subset of people might get it and even fewer might even like it. Just like they would get or like an UZi.

\m/ (O_o) \m/