L:O is my current main band. It is a two-people endavour and its name is derived from the first letters of our first names.

Oliver and I played in a band before (i.e. the day you agree) and after that band dissolved, the two of us got together again and L:O developed from that. While the initial idea was to play stoner rock, it became clear pretty soon, that we wouldn't want to confine our creativity in a genre corset.

Many of the L:O songs are experiments with things we couldn't do in the bands we were in before. Most of them sound and work as rock songs, but the way we wrote and recorded them made it possible for us to try out new and exciting stuff. By working in the digital domain with virtual instruments together with a lot of real instruments, going from composing to end result is much faster and takes out a lot of the usual band practice frustration. This makes writing songs much more rewarding in my experience.

Currently we are only a two guy project, but there may be a band in the future, if people get enthusiastic enough about our musical concoctions.